People are coming forward with very strange problems after taking the JAB and recently a video surfaced concerning TRACKING OR THE ABILITY TO TURN ON OR OFF TV SETS, CELL PHONES just by being near to them – indicating a transmitting device and a tracking ID system is placed within the vaccine. Pictures from high powered microscopes have now proved that some form of antenna looking like device begins to emerge in about 24 hours after the hydrogel is introduced into human flesh.  It appears to be a cross between a computer circuit and antenna transmitting or receiving device. Don’t forget that nanobot technology is much further advanced that anyone knows about and with the help of FALLEN ANGELS who knows what they are capable of!!

Even the TEST SWABS appear to be vaccinating people without their knowledge, as they are loaded with nanobot technology. Couple all of this with DARPA and the MILITARY and we believe that we have entered to final phases of depopulation and total social control over the masses of the world, just as the Book of Revelation stated. More on that later.

The question is, WHY do all the world leaders DEMAND that EVERYONE from babies to the elderly MUST BE VACCINATED? And why NOW? Is there some sort of timetable the RICH MEN of PSALM TWO are under? We need to take a look at Donald Trump’s Masonry connections, the ABRAHAMIC PEACE ACCORD and the MINTED COIN concerning it -as it appears to be all connected to the military’s PROJECT MOSIAC and TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS. Please keep in mind TWO THINGS – DEPOPULATION AGENDA as outlined on the Georgia Guidestones and and then TOTAL CONTROL over every person upon Earth via a tracking system that turns every person’s body into a transmitter/receiver via nanobot technology.

While there is massive information as to what is planned on this coin and is coupled to the Abrahamic Peace Accord, I want to focus first on the planet Saturn at the very top – that represents SATAN who is the one behind turning human beings into synthetic beings, totally cut off from God by nanobot technology that alters human DNA (Book of Life), into a hybrid, just as in the DAY’S OF NOAH. Everything you see after that is Satan’s plan on HOW they are going to accomplish this.

Notice after that we have what appears to be a PEACE DOVE, that is “when they say PEACE AND SECURITY”, sudden destruction comes, and it tied directly to what is after it on this coin. The New World Order uses PEACE AND SECURITY as a ploy to get the world to go along with their evil plans.

The other side to this so-called “DOVE” may well be pointed out in Scripture as to how the evil ones “build their nest in the stars” per Obadiah 3:3-4

Obadiah 3-5

The pride of thine heart hath deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, whose habitation is high; that saith in his heart, Who shall bring me down to the ground?

Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord.

Please notice the STARS, THE SPACE SHUTTLE, SATELLITES, SATELLITES TRANSMITTING AND RECEIVING indicating that all of this is to be run from a 5G or 6G frequency network of satellites that covers the Earth as a spider web. Then we find what appears to an Olive Tree within a spiked (CV-19) virus that brings about total fear and panic so the people of the world line up for the JAB that is clearly shown to be a digital (0100100) operating system. This is represented by the GEARS that also appear to be a virus with spikes all around it. Remember that Moderna said their “JAB” WAS DOWNLOADING AN OPERATING SYSTEM, representing the “gears” of this new system that turns the human being into a MACHINE, a synthetic robot of flesh that takes its orders from the satellite AI SYSTEM.

Next to this is shown the JAB DELIVERY via a sharp pointed hypodermic vaccine and also what appears to be a nasal spray device which they have just announced will be available soon. Notice the drops of the “gene altering drug” coming out of the needle point and notice the “satellite” receiver/transmitter is connected to the “JAB.”  Why is all of this on a “coin” representing a PEACE ACCORD?

Next, we see a HEART with FREQUENCY symbol within it. Why is that? Our guess is because this DNA altering drug CHANGES THE FREQUENCY THAT GOD GAVE US to a much lower frequency, thus cutting off God and the BOOK OF LIFE DNA everyone has that makes them unique as being a totally unique individual. The New World Order cannot have individuals, that is the direct opposite of a bee-hive collective group think concept. This may well be why a number of individuals have said they have been “cut off” from God.

The heart frequency change is then connected directly to what appears to be a NEW CREATION, with new computer circuits now embedded into that individual turning them into a cyborg without anyone knowing what happened. This is very advanced NANOBOT technology.

Notice that line from this NEW CREATION goes down to the handle of the sword (a sharp flesh cutting instrument), to a RING OF FIRE ECLIPSE, showing us that THE PEACE ACCORDS are tied directly to a RING OF FIRE ECLIPSE, coming up on June 10th, 2021? More or that in another blog.

So, what does all of this have to do with DARPA’S PROJECT MOSIAC? First of all, what is a mosaic? Think of the world as being a mosaic:

As the rich men of the Earth think of the world as their “mosaic”, then the masses of the world are the individual pieces of this mosaic. The individual pieces are Tesserea:


tes·​sera | \ ˈte-sə-rə

Definition of tessera

1 : a small tablet (as of wood, bone, or ivory) used by the ancient Romans as a ticket, tally, voucher, or means of identification

2 : a small piece (as of marble, glass, or tile) used in mosaic work

Look at these words, folks!! A TICKET is what is required to enter into an event or in this case, a VACCINE PASSPORT that is now called a GREEN PASSPORT or GREEN CARD, and it is used to discriminate against all those who have not taken the JAB. Thus, the JAB is the ticket that allows one to operate in society while all those who refuse are slowly being isolated and soon will be rounded up and killed just as Revelation tells us.

Anyone can lose a “card”, just as millions of people lose their credit cards, driver’s license and so on. So, the elite know all of this, and the only way to stop fake or lost cards is to PLACE IT IN THE BODY ITSELF. Hence, we will soon see a MANDATED FORCED MARK. Only those with this MARK can be easily scanned and this becomes your personal TICKET to “re-enter” the New World Order society.

Notice also that it is used for IDENTIFICATION and how all of the elite are saying they have to have EVERYONE ON EARTH IDENTIFIED.

 The word TALLY means COUNT THE NUMBER of PEOPLE ON EARTH goes along with ID systems, right? How many people make up the global mosaic? Now I want to show you WHY Project Mosaic is in full force and in effect, as TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS is also!

Notice the direct tie to “HEALTH”, hence Pharmaceuticals/Medical!
This ties this DARPA project to the Abraham Peace Coin!

The above pictures came from an article by THE SPOTLIGHT newspaper many years ago! This is why we have all of these 5G and 6G satellites going up into orbit – to form a GLOBAL TRACKING SYSTEM FROM WHICH NO ONE CAN ESCAPE. This human mosaic system has been upgraded due to advance nanobot technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) to help U.S. military pursue Mosaic Warfare in future all-domain combat, and that means MIND CONTROL AS WELL.

Mar 4th, 2021

WASHINGTON – DARPA’s planned artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help de-conflict joint fires in all-domain operations will undergo live testing in the first half of 2024. Breaking Defense reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

4 March 2021 — The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., recently awarded two contracts for the first and second phases of the Air Space Total Awareness for Rapid Tactical Execution (ASTARTE) project: one to Raytheon for $7.6 million; another to Systems and Technology Research (STR) in December for $8.3 million.

ASTARTE is part of DARPA’s Mosaic Warfare program to create next-generation systems to support and expand Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). The Mosaic Warfare concept envisions the individual capabilities needed to fight an all-domain battle — sensors, shooters, command and control networks, etc. — as mix and match “tiles” that can be used to build a “mosaic” battle plan.

Notice the constant phrase ALL DOMAIN BATTLE – exactly why the military and DARPA were deeply involved in the JAB and the altering of human DNA, so they can have TOTAL CONTROL OF THE MOSIAC WARFARE against humanity. Don’t forget JADE-HELM and their “MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN.” The only way you can truly master the “human domain of individual free thinkers” would be to modify their DNA to the point that they are no longer individuals but rather worker bees who take all their directions from the AI queen bee. This concept requires total group think.

The Jade-hemp military exercises included the rounding up of American citizens deemed by Homeland Security, Military Intelligence, FEMA and Fusion Centers as “resisters” who were then taken to FEMA Camps. The secret as to what Jade-Helm was about was all about was hidden in their logo – two crossing arrows across a sword with a hidden concentration camp wooden clog as used in Nazi concentration camps. Notice the “Mastering The Human Domain”. These pictures are from Nathan Leal, I believe. It is sometimes hard to trace this.


The elite knew what was coming, AND THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR YEARS. The CV-19 HOAX was going to be used to BRING IN SO MUCH FEAR AND PANIC THE PEOPLE WOULD SCREAM FOR A FIX. They then introduce the TRUMP WARP-SPEED DNA altering DRUG as portrayed in Revelation 18:23 (The Rich Men and the Pharmaceutical Merchants). They would then introduce the MARK OF THE BEAST PROGRAM under the pretext of a FIX for CV-19.

Any one who RESISTS, is what MSM calls ANTI-VAXERS and those deplorable people only care about themselves. Soon this DNA jab will be mandatory and those that refuse it will be rounded up and taken to JADE-HELM FEMA CAMPS for liquidation. All of this has been planned for many, many years just as PSALM TWO told us and verified in Revelation 13!

Mosaic, Tesserea, the jab, Jade-Helm, Garden Plot, and many other “exercises” are all for one ultimate purpose, and that is MARTIAL LAW TOTAL CONTROL UNDER A HORRIFIC SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM, which means the total destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We will then be placed under the communist Antichrist United Nations.

The round-ups and the FEMA TORTURE AND KILLING CAMPS will roll into the most massive genocide depopulation programs ever seen in world history, just as outlined in the Bible, the Georgia Guidestones, and many other statements and articles of the RICH MEN. The use of the medical establishment in the THIRD REICH is being used in the 4th Reich, the 4th Beast of Daniel. WAKE UP!!!

Mosaic is now almost complete and will be faster than anyone thinks. There is no room for individualism in this BRAVE NEW WORLD. Are you ready for it? Are you awake as to what is happening or are you still in massive denial?


Biden, Coup, Trump, Jab, Book Of Life, DNA, UN, Social Credits, Russia, China, Iran, UFO, Arrival & More

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-28-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5 -28 -2021 – Only The Shadow Knows..

Are we in a “quiet before the storm” situation as it appears everything seems to have settled down to a “peace and security” false peace when there is no peace at all? It seems unusually quiet, but remarks coming from the enemies of Israel are now saying that Jerusalem MUST be removed from Israeli control and given over to some form of world counsel (most likely the UN). There is no way Israel will allow that to happen without a major conflict, a conflict that is so destructive that the world’s major powers get involved to stop it – and possibly an ARRIVAL. Then we have the jab and all world leaders, including Christian leaders all but begging people to take the shot – why is that? When something defies all logic there has to a hidden reason for it – a reason clearly outlined in the Bible. Earth Changes abound, solar anomalies continue, and all things point to the end of days and more…


Best’s Intel Update For 5-26-2021 –  End Of Days Arrival Close & More…

Tongight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-26-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

BLM Flags, Russia, Syria, Iran, Biden, Blood Moons, Israel, Babylon, Arrival, UFO & More…

Super Blood Moon appears to be a warning to Israel and the world as we draw ever closer to the ARRIVAL and the TWO WITNESSES who are supposed to arrive most likely with the FALLEN ONES but no one knows for sure. Another mass shooting, the hue and cry to get the guns will continue to rise until it is accomplished per the United Nations plans to disarm the world. Then we have Russia sending their advanced bombers to Syria, trouble in the South China Sea as China continues to make threats.  Ring of Fire eclipse in June, just another sign or trouble ahead for the world at large as earth changes abound and Biden flies BLM communist flags on Federal Buildings? More on tonight’s Night Shadows Radio with Stewart & Larry…




2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:

Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,

10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now I have aways thought that EVOLUTION is the big lie, because if we are evolving, we have no need of a redeemer, for we have not fallen, we are ascending to a higher level of consciousness. I have seen nothing that sways me from the premise. Evolution stands in direct contradiction to Creation, a FALL and the need for redemption. Evolution destroys Jesus Christ and His entire mission of rescue via redemption. It is one or the other, and the world has chased after EVOLUTION and has rejected CREATION, even INTELLIGENT DESIGN as well!!

Thus, because they have embraced EVOLUTION which “science-so-called” teaches as total truth and one CANNOT QUESTION IT, the entire body of humanity becomes infected with a LIE, and God will then put the ICING ON THE CAKE that humanity is CORRECT in their assumption that the CROSS OF CHRIST is foolishness in all them that perish, be they Christians who refuse to pick up their own personal cross or the world at large and Christianity is a totally absurd, THERE IS NO need for humanity to be redeemed because it NEVER FELL IN THE FIRST PLACE.  We are evolving and evolution is THE TRUTH, and we shall ASCEND and become Gods. “Yea hath God said?”

Now we have a very symbolic “event” that proves my contention that EVOLUTION IS A LIE and CREATION is the actual truth!!  As you all know Darwin is the “godfather” of the evolution conspiracy, and right by the Galapagos’ Islands is a great arch, called Darwin’s Arch – well, it just collapsed, and this most likely means  that the entire evolutionary concept is about to be destroyed by God Himself, and that means that THE ARRIVAL and the RAPTURE are close at hand, as God gives mankind a CHOICE, will you believe the LIE OF EVOLUTION or will you believe THE TRUTH, that God created us ? Make your choice!! If the BRIDE IS REMOVED, ANTICHRIST FORCES must offer up an EXCUSE as to all of these people VANISHING.

The rapture of the Church will PROVE that God’s Word is TRUE as the taking of God’s people will be SHOCK TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. The Bible IS TRUE, and JESUS CHRIST WAS TELLING THE TRUTH.

The ARRIVAL, however, will be the APEX OF THE STRONG DELUSION to the world, because the FALLEN ANGELS will present themselves in various shapes and forms to PROVE they EVOLVED differently because of different environments of their respective planets. This is what they did of old, back in the days of Noah. These fallen ones are shapeshifters, according to Enoch, and take on many and varied “forms” which PROVES EVOLUTION IS TRUE. The arrival is the APEX OF THE EVOLUTIONARY HOAX!!




Notice the date of this 5-17-2021 = 18 or 666! If we take 5+1+7 = 13 or REBELLION.

“Most natural arches, also called natural bridges, are erosion features that occur in massive, horizontally bedded sandstone or limestone. In case of Darwin’s Arch the geological formation formed by wave action and erosion of horizontally bedded lava flows, cutting off the arch from the nearby island and enlarging the opening. The inevitable collapse of the bridge portion of a sea arch commonly produces a sea stack or pillar. Locals already coined a name for the new geological formation, calling the two stone monoliths that remain “The Pillars of Evolution,” CNN reported.”

So then there are TWO PILLARS of evolution left. Really? There are also two totally immutable laws of science that totally DESTROY these two “pillars of evolution.” The law of homogenesis and the second law of thermodynamics (entropy), totally and completely lay to rest the “evolutionary conspiracy” and this collapse is a HUGE SYMBOLIC SIGN of that coming revelation direct from God Himself when the removal of the Church takes place and then God will REVEAL HIS POWER over in Israel at Isaiah 17, and once again in Ezekiel 38/39 wars.

So then, who will you believe? Jesus Christ or the FALLEN ONES and their proofs that they created us and we have evolved and now we must all take the “Luciferian Initiation” to evolve to “godhood status”? The Bible tells us 95-98% of humanity will fall under the STRONG DELUSION. What will you do?





Tonight On Night Shadows Radio – PROJECT REDSTAR

John Lear was on Art Bell many years ago – and brought up PROJECT REDSTAR and Art made a few comments about it but did not want to speak about it for some reason.

At the same time, a real global DEEP STATE REDSUN PROJECT was running concerning extra terrestrial intelligent life on Mars.

Part One:

Tithonia City Ruins – The Mining Building

This is but one of many oddities found on Mars. It is a cluster of artificial structures dubbed Tithonia City because it lays deep in the bottom of a huge rift in the Tithonia Chasma. I want to focus only on ONE STRUCTURE to show this area is filed with both ancient and modern structures in this cluster, that when examined go back to our own ancient Earth structures.

The mining building:

This building is clearly an artificial structure that was carved into the landscape. If you follow the gentle slope of the hill, you find it is abruptly stopped by a building at 90 degrees from the slope, just as we do here on Earth with many a building or house. It takes time to adjust your eyes to these satellite pictures with the shades of gray and someone what fussy/out of focus views given to the public but be assured NASA has totally sharp pictures of this area.

We will examine this entire cluster in future shows on NIGHT SHADOWS RADIO and we will find that the insider tales of anti-gravity craft of many different types are involved in military/civilian base operations are true and very real.



Best’s Intelligence Review Hour – Some Of This And Some Of That

On Night Shadows Radio Tonight 5-21-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Wars, Hot & Cold, Missiles, Needles, Bullets And Nanobots, A World Gone Insane And More…

Roll up your sleeves and take the poison or you will pay the price, Comrade Biden has said, “or else”.

Is the quest for world-wide compliance a clue of things to come? Why? But folks don’t ask questions, and if you do, well, you have NO RIGHT to question your leaders now. Want to work? Take the jab. Revelation 18 tells us the RICH MEN, the MERCHANTS OF THE WORLD are behind all of this as we walk into the final dictatorial 4th Beast of Daniel, right on schedule. Exotic weapons of war, frequency, microwaves, death beams, needles filled with programmed nanobots to take you down or change your DNA, as mankind is wired to the beehive and more. Mankind is his own worst enemy, and the world is soon going to be destroyed with few left. Perhaps that is why we are on Mars, the moon and who knows where else we are? Those that are left face a horrific future and more…


Best’s Intel Update For 5-19-2021 – Final War To End Wars?

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-19-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

Russia, Putin, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Iran, USA, 1335-1397 Watch, Arrival, Acclimation and More…

More and more threats to Israel by world powers to cease-fire, but so far Israel has said no, we are going to finish up what THEY STARTED so this does not happen again, but of course we know it will. The entire world now waits for when the Lord says NOW, GO FOR IT, and we don’t really know when that is, but if you combine the cosmic signs, technology, the MARK OF THE BEAST and what is going on in Israel, it appears we ARE HERE NOW, and that Albert Pike’s WW3, designed to END ALL WARS and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER, IS HERE. Then we have THE JAB, and threats of coming total lockdowns and on and on it goes…




There are a number of articles appearing concerning a severe drought that is now expanding across America/Babylon that scientists are warning could be a 1200-year cycle and we may be entering a new DUST BOWL DAYS. However, I have not seen in any of these articles what the Bible says concerning America/Babylon The Great and the MEGA DROUGHT that dries up all of her lakes, streams, rivers, and even underground aquafers. Why is that? APOSTASY. The almost total abandonment of what the Bible prophets had to say. It is like the new “doctrinal” wave that nearly everything is symbolic and virtually none of it is literal – like the Mark Of The Beast. It is all just symbolic but there will not be a literal mark placed on the right hand or the forehead.

I remember leading Christian prophetic folks telling us that this “mark” was OK to take because it was just an extension of the credit card and has nothing to do with worshiping the “beast.” That was a total lie, because the Mark is the apex of the system of mammon, and thus, HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH BUYING AND SELLING, because that IS the system of mammon and Jesus told us either serve God or serve mammon. When one takes this LITERAL and REAL “BRAND”, they have REJECTED GOD and have pledged their allegiance to SATAN and HIS SYSTEM OF MAMMON. What is so confusing about all of that?

As stated, the SYSTEM OF MAMMON ends with THE MARK, a literal, real BRAND, that BRANDS YOU AS A SLAVE TO THE COMING AI SYSTEM, via nanobot technology.

Back to the DROUGHT that turns America into a desert, a dry land:

Jeremiah 50:37-39

37 A sword is upon their horses, and upon their chariots, and upon all the mingled people that are in the midst of her; and they shall become as women: a sword is upon her treasures; and they shall be robbed.

38 A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols.

39 Therefore the wild beasts of the desert with the wild beasts of the islands shall dwell there, and the owls shall dwell therein: and it shall be no more inhabited for ever; neither shall it be dwelt in from generation to generation.

This is a GRAVE WARNING to the people of America which will be totally ignored, but the Lord uses DROUGHT to destroy agriculture and bring severe famine. It should also be pointed out that WATER is a code word for DIVINE LOVE, and DROUGHT is the absence of LOVE, and thus symbolically telling us that America is a totally loveless nation with NO WATER!

Deuteronomy 28:23-24 also tells us about this MEGA DROUGHT:

 23 And thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass, and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.

24 The Lord shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust: from heaven shall it come down upon thee, until thou be destroyed.

Now is all of this symbolic or literal? Study to show yourself APPROVED unto God and you will know when symbolism is used and that means when it is LITERAL and what the SPIRITUAL MEANING behind all of it means.

Lastly, the timelines do indicate that we are now about to enter the final phase of mankind’s probation upon planet Earth and the TRIBULATION PERIOD in which America is dried up and becomes a desert and a no-man’s land. We may see this drought go nationwide and water will be more precious that Gold and food nearly impossible to find.

Lastly our new Prophetic Insider is for MAY,2021 is now up for FREE to all paid subscribers.

Don’t miss this issue, here is a comment from one reader:

Hallowed be the NAME of our HEAVENLY FATHER and Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

All glory and praise be our God’s….your latest is profound in bringing it all together. By His Love He has had you and Patti assemble a very critical document. Thank you.

Patti, I’ll need to get a full color hard copy. Please advise on cost.


Israel, Israeli Mistake, Turkey, Russia, Iran, WW3, Albert Pike, Day 1335 & 1338 & More…

Best’s Intel Update For 5-17-2021  – The Matrix Is Closing – Get Ready

Tonight On Night Shadows Radio For 5-17-2021 @ 7:00 PM CT

The world is sound asleep, in a comatose state, thinking that the war in Israel is just like any other skirmish, and of course we know that this war will wind down, but what is also true is the world may be about to change in a twinkling of an eye as JACOB’S TROUBLE draws nigh. All the players appear to be being drawn into CONFLICT, unable to stop it as the Lord’s hand is clearly seen in his warnings to Israel with the Luna Tetrads, and then to the Church with the 726 days from the last blood red moon to the STAR SIGN, with the Lord pointing now to the Church, which is the LAST but will come in FIRST. First the Church then Israel and it is all coming down exactly as the prophets said it would. I hope people are preparing themselves for the horror to come as Israel gets SMASHED by her enemies. America/Babylon HAS FALLEN to the communists and we are about to undergo massive judgments from the Lord, even the Church for apostasy and Christ rejection because they refuse the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY…


Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5-14-2021 – Many Other Things and This…

Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 5-14-2021 – Many Other Things and This…

Israel, Hamas, Gaza, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Syria, End Of Days, Jacob’s Trouble, 1335, May 17th, and more…

Here we go, as Israel appears to have entered Gaza with ground troops and heavy tanks. It appears that things are much worse than anyone is being told, it is difficult to vet what is really going on. Turkey has warned Israel it will send troops to defend Gaza, so that gets Turkey involved. Russia attempted to broker a ceasefire and that was rejected, so then Egypt tried, and Israel has said NO. I believe they intend to all but wipe out Hamas and any and all forces that are enemies of Israel. This war can expand at any moment now and include the entire Middle East region first and then expand from there. Ukraine is also in the picture and may be a staging area for Russia’s invasion of Israel as outlined in Ezekiel 38-39. Then we have the “jab” and all that goes with that, Sun disease increases as “unknown energies” from the Sun and Milky Way are increasing and more…